Osaka International Academy of Languages

How our school differs from other 

 Each class of our school is small and we advise closely each students both on his/her study and daily life. We give supplementary lessons geared to each student’s ability, so that they can achieve a higher level of studying Japanese.
 We take necessary procedures for our students’ daily life, such as immigration procedures, taking out insurance, etc. We have teachers proficient in Chinese, English and Vietnamese languages. We also provide our students with necessary information on life in Japan. Students can consult with us about any problems or worries and we support them mentally.


Message from the Principal

 Can you imagine studying abroad? There is some difficulty and one of that is balance of study and work. Even though you are tired from part-time job, you must study every day. If I see a student who has sleepy eyes but is studying hard, I think that he can make efforts to achieve his goals for the higher education. I’m touched that the students have hard times but can  overcome all manner of painful experiences. 
 My greatest pleasure is to see the graduating students who took EJU, JLPT and the university entrance exams and whose life plans after the graduation have been finally decided. I think that various experiences at Osaka International Academy of Languages made the students mature. The experience you made efforts towards them will certainly become a life asset.Please come to our school to improve yourself and to realize your dream.

ADDRESS: 5-11-27 Himejima,Nishi-Yodogawa-ku,
Osaka-shi,Osaka-fu,Japan 555-0033
Telephone:06-6473-2551 Fax:06-6473-2552